Jacklyn *Senior Rep* - Tobacco Field Senior Session - Chatham Photographer

Jacklyn *Senior Rep* - Tobacco Field Senior Session

It was hot and muggy and OH SO PERFECT!  We all sweated as if our very lives depended on it, but I just LOVED Jacklyn's senior session!

I love plants of all kinds, but when someone says "tobacco field session" my little southern heart gives a big ol leap!  Rows and rows of tobacco make my heart almost as giddy as the blue ridge mountains do!  

These particular rows of tobacco are grown my Jacklyn's grandpa.  Tobacco is their business and Jacklyn has grown up around it, as did her mother.  I loved getting to hear Jacklyn's mama talk about how she spent her childhood running barefoot through fields of tobacco!  What a fun childhood she had!  My own little girls were definitely ready to make those fields their new home as well!

Thank you so much Jacklyn for having me spend the evening with you and your sweet mama, taking pictures in those beautiful tobacco rows!