Caroline & Joe - Luna's Trail - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Caroline & Joe - Luna's Trail


This time last year I was contacted by a woman who wanted me to capture her son and step daughter in order to use the prints for Christmas gifts.  a few weeks later I "met" Caroline.  

Funny thing is, I had actually met her LONG ago.  I just didn't remember because we were kids back then.  We talked on and on about the sweet Foster girls that we loved, and still love dearly. 

After that Session I was asked again and again to capture portraits for this sweet girl and the man that has her heart, Joe.

I think it's safe to say that I ADORE these two!  Their love for each other, their kind and hilarious personalities, everything.  They have such a wonderful group of family and friends supporting them and loving them as well!

Their wedding day was unforgettable!  I was so fortunate to be able to team up with an AMAZING group of women creatives to capture this day in all its fullness.

There wasn't a moment where I stopped laughing, smiling, crying, etc.  Each and every one of us felt ALL THE FEELINGS that day!