Caroline & Joe - Luna's Trail - North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Caroline & Joe - Luna's Trail


This time last year I was contacted by a woman who wanted me to capture her son and step daughter in order to use the prints for Christmas gifts.  a few weeks later I "met" Caroline.  

Funny thing is, I had actually met her LONG ago.  I just didn't remember because we were kids back then.  We talked on and on about the sweet Foster girls that we loved, and still love dearly. 

After that Session I was asked again and again to capture portraits for this sweet girl and the man that has her heart, Joe.

I think it's safe to say that I ADORE these two!  Their love for each other, their kind and hilarious personalities, everything.  They have such a wonderful group of family and friends supporting them and loving them as well!

Their wedding day was unforgettable!  I was so fortunate to be able to team up with an AMAZING group of women creatives to capture this day in all its fullness.

There wasn't a moment where I stopped laughing, smiling, crying, etc.  Each and every one of us felt ALL THE FEELINGS that day!


Jacklyn *Senior Rep* - Tobacco Field Senior Session - Chatham Photographer

Jacklyn *Senior Rep* - Tobacco Field Senior Session

It was hot and muggy and OH SO PERFECT!  We all sweated as if our very lives depended on it, but I just LOVED Jacklyn's senior session!

I love plants of all kinds, but when someone says "tobacco field session" my little southern heart gives a big ol leap!  Rows and rows of tobacco make my heart almost as giddy as the blue ridge mountains do!  

These particular rows of tobacco are grown my Jacklyn's grandpa.  Tobacco is their business and Jacklyn has grown up around it, as did her mother.  I loved getting to hear Jacklyn's mama talk about how she spent her childhood running barefoot through fields of tobacco!  What a fun childhood she had!  My own little girls were definitely ready to make those fields their new home as well!

Thank you so much Jacklyn for having me spend the evening with you and your sweet mama, taking pictures in those beautiful tobacco rows!  

Amber - Creative Portrait Session - Danville Photographer

Sometimes Photographers get burnt out.  When that happens, we need to create something for OURSELVES.  Amber, you are a true gem, a diamond in the rough.  I love collaborating with you.    

This session was a joint effort.  The creative juices were flowing from both Amber and me and I'm thrilled to share these beautiful images with you all!


Photography: Audrey Ruth Photography

Model: Amber Wyatt

Makeup: Demi Younger


Justin + Emily | The Knapps | Ashland Wedding Photographer

Justin + Emily - The Knapps 


Justin and Emily's wedding is definitely going down as one of my favorite weddings of the year!  From the officiant rapping Black Eyed Peas lyrics mid-ceremony to the hilariously fun dance party that ensued afterwards and let's not forget the AWESOME game of jenga that went down on the lawn of the Hanover Arts building.  This. Wedding. Was. Awesome.  It was a thousand degrees outside but it was amazing.  

Lesley + Andrew - Diamond V Farm engagement session - Roanoke Wedding Photographer

Lesley + Andrew - Diamond V Farm engagement session - Roanoke Wedding Photographer 

It was a long BEAUTIFUL drive to Blue Ridge, Virginia.  Diamond V Farm is easily one of my favorite venues here in this gorgeous blue ridge mountains.  

Lesley and Andrew were so much fun to spend time with capturing!  These two could stop staring at each other, it was obvious how much they adore one another!  I cannot wait for their wedding next month!




Bekah + Jesse | Engaged | Danville Wedding Photographer

I met Bekah "back in the day" when I was on staff at Camp Dayspring during the summer.  She has always been the sweetest soul.  I remember thinking to myself how I would kill to photograph those gorgeous blue eyes of hers!  Seriously, they're amazing.  I'm am bursting with joy over the fact that I get to capture this precious lady and the man that's captured her heart!  

Jesse and Bekah are just too precious for words!  I loved getting to spend time with them and watch them interact with each other!  I am thoroughly looking forward t their wedding day in August!  


Oh this girl.  She has a piece of my heart.  I think a lot of people have these memorable moments where people who are important to them walk into their life.  I don't have those.  I don't hold on to those first meetings.  I hold on to the gut busting laughter, shared tears, and car karaoke sessions that follow.  

Amber is one of a kind.  She has left her mark on my family and when my daughters hear her voice texts they happily scream "AM-ERrrr!  It's Am-errr mommy!"  I love that I have these precious friends who can accept me and my messy mama life.  

I treasure our adventures together more than you will ever know sweet girl!  I'm so excited for the many more we have in store.